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          Light Image Resizer(圖片批量處理軟件)6.0.9中文版

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          • 更新時間:2021-10-02
          • 軟件大。何粗
          • 界面語言:簡體中文
          • 授權方式:共享軟件
          • 運行環境:Win7/win8/win10
          • 官方網站:閃電軟件園

          軟件標簽:Light Image Image Resizer Light 中文 

          Light Image Resizer是一款簡單用易,功能強大的圖片批量處理軟件。Light Image Resizer能夠快速地調整圖片的大小,且內置了圖片壓縮、PNG壓縮優化、圖片批量轉換等功能,其中Lanczos濾鏡能讓你在調整好圖片大小、壓縮比率后迅速得到高質量清晰圖片。

          Light Image Resizer不僅提供了常用顯示器分辨率,還可以自動檢測當前顯示器的分辨率,可以幫您快速制作數張適合你屏幕的桌面壁紙。而且你可以通過合適大小、延展、中央、裁剪、重設(智能調整)等方式選擇圖片在壁紙中的位置。

          Light Image Resizer 功能:






          NEW: added mode “Extend to square” which adds blurred content to make the image rectangular
          NEW: added action to create animated GIF from input files
          NEW: rename action to just rename files without changing image contents
          NEW: more layout templates for collage
          NEW: drop target area to easily add files by drag & drop (can be enabled in settings)
          NEW: manual crop by right-clicking an image in the list
          NEW: images in listview can be re-ordered manually by dragging
          NEW: dynamic watermark text color (image’s average color or complementary color)
          NEW: round edges option (see Effects)
          NEW: Background removal powered by remove.bg (see respective tab)
          NEW: added output format “Icon (.ico)”
          NEW: background color for preview window can be changed via right-click menu
          NEW: select which metadata values to keep or remove, text based values can also be replaced
          NEW: auto-detect width and height when creating new profile with dimensions in name (like “Photos 800×600”)
          NEW: JPEG compression can be optimized to create smaller files (see Optimization tab)
          NEW: colors can now be entered as HTML color values (for background or watermark text colors)
          NEW: default action for close button when processing has finished can be changed (see Settings, Process tab)
          NEW: save as for profiles (via “…” icon), to save current changes under different name
          FIXED: preview is not updated when replacement color is changed in settings
          FIXED: embedded thumbnails were not updated when copying metadata
          FIXED: crash or error when resizing 1bit image and output is PDF
          FIXED: relative paths for collage filename did not work
          FIXED: unit could be set to something else than pixels for collage in some cases
          FIXED: preview for collage was showing normal preview after collage window, which could lead to crashes
          FIXED: custom format for %CreationDate% and %ModificationDate% watermark tags was not working
          FIXED: error could occur when trying to backup raw files with action set to “Replace original”
          IMPROVED: images are now kept untouched if size is set to 100% and no other effects are applied
          IMPROVED: workaround for some 3rd party shell extensions where files could not be loaded by drag & drop
          IMPROVED: combined PDF creation is way faster now using multi-threading
          IMPROVED: changes to image list in collage window are now reflected in main image list
          IMPROVED: accept path with filename for /Dest parameter and set output format accordingly
          IMPROVED: command line switch “/OptionsPage” can be used to go to options page
          IMPROVED: a folder can now be dropped on the destination box to insert its path
          IMPROVED: support for EXIF date tags located in wrong IFD section for watermark text (some Samsung devices)
          IMPROVED: keep zoomed view rectangle when updating preview


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